1966: A SPARK IGNITED Several years ago a group of business managers of various units within Yale University began to meet informally and at irregular intervals to discuss mutual problems and how to solve them. The group formalized its organization, on June 1, 1966, as the Association of Research and Education Administrators. In its March 1966 issue...
JUNE 1967 On June 23 and 24, 1967 at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, under the leadership of Ken Hartford, who directed the meeting, and Dick Nicholsen, who wrote a draft... The 100 persons who attended the organizing meeting in Amherst became charter members of SRA.
List of Charter Members
JANUARY 1968 Western Section is established on January 26, 1968 in Berkley, California.
MAY 1968
In New Haven, Connecticut on May 18, 1968, the Northeast Section is established.
JULY 1969 For a formal exchange of ideas, the Journal of the Society of Research Administrators was first published in July 1969. The Journal was the first broad-based scholarly periodical for research administrators.
AUGUST 1969 At the third annual meeting in San Francisco, Treasurer Paul Davis from UC Berkley and Rod Rose from UC Irvine made a proposal to set up a national office at Irvine under the direction of Rod Rose. The proposal was accepted by the Board and the National "Secretariat" was established on August 1, 1969.
1970 The Southern Section was launched on June 9 with 17 members and the Midwest Section started similarly, with 24 members on June 11.

Membership had now grown to 427, and the first membership directory was published.
1971 In addition to the geographical outlines being established for sections, the Executive Committee approved the national office be expanded to a full-time function and that the annual meeting should occur in October each year.
1972 - NSF AWARD The National Science Foundation awarded the Society a 37-month grant of $18,400 to support the Journal of the Society of Research Administrators.
1973 The name of the Distinguished Service Award was changed to the Hartford/Nicholsen Award in honor of the first two presidents of SRA.

The Publications Committee decided to give an annual prize to the author(s) of the best article submitted to the Journal each year. The award later became known as the Rod Rose Award.

1975 Two new categories of members - Retired Members and Student Members - were approved.

SRA's office was officially renamed the "Executive Office" and was relocated from UC Irvine to a two-office suite in Corona del Mar, California.
1976 SRA workshops began to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to participants.

For the first time membership information was maintained on computer tape, with interest codes first compiled into the database.
1977 - SRA CELEBRATES 10 YEARS SRA celebrated its tenth anniversary!

The Excellence Award was established to recognize a member who has excelled in expanding the knowledge and tools of research administration.

The Executive Office was moved again, this time to Westwood, adjacent to the UCLA campus.
1980 A Chapter Development Program was implemented to encourage and assist the formation of new chapters.
The Executive Office moved once again, this time to Santa Monica.
1982 Salary Survey results this year showed the median income for a research administrator:
Male: $38,500
Female: $27,000
1985 - 1987 A People to People International Citizen's Ambassador tour of research administrators to northern and eastern Europe was held, under President's Eisenhower's program to send delegations abroad with the purpose of promoting goodwill and understanding. Another People to People Citizen's Ambassador Program was held, this time to China and Japan, with 22 delegates participating. SRA celebrates 20 years as a professional society.
1996 - 1997 William Schweri and Richard Tomlin develop the International Research Administrator Study Tour

The Study Tour delegates attended the Northeast Section meeting and traveled to Boston, where visits were hosted by three institutions.
1998 - SRA EVOLVES The word "International" was added to the Society's name. This culmination of hard work to include international members in the Society demonstrated how far SRA International had evolved as a professional society.

Lynne Chronister points out that the addition of...
2000 SRA International Europe was established to make SRA known in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

SRA International, the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) and KPMG Consulting co-sponsored the research administration Benchmarking Project...
2002 SRA Distinguished Faculty established with the initiation of fourteen members, Lynne Chronister, Rebecca Claycamp, Jerry Fife, Ed Gabriele, Marcia Landen, Michael McCallister, David Mears, Pam Miller, Tori Molfese, Phil Myers, Timothy Quigg, Mary Spina, Phil Spina and Cary Thomas.
2003 - GRANT WARDED BY CARNEGIE FOUNDATION To support internationalization, grant money was sought and awarded by the Carnegie Foundation to fund the first SRA-Carnegie US-Africa Pilot Training Project. SRA was able to bring nine African Vice Chancellors...
2006 International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) held its first international meeting in Australia.

List of INORMS Members
2011 SRA International formalizes the International Section to include Canada at the 2011 Annual Meeting in Montreal.
2015 - SRA EXCEEDS 5,000 MEMBERS In October 2015, SRA International exceeded 5,000 members from over 40 countries, on 6 continents.
2016 SRA International releases its 50th Anniversary celebration video at the annual meeting in San Antonio, TX. 50th Anniversary Video