The 70’s Weren’t Just About Bell Bottoms, Bobby Mcgee and Bad Hair…

The 1970’s had many historical moments for SRA International. 


  • The Southern Section was launched on June 9 with 17 members.
  • The Midwest Section started similarly with 24 members present on June 11.
  • The Society decided to sell booth space at the Annual Meeting.
  • Membership had grown to 427 members and the first membership directory was published.


  • The Executive Committee (EC) approved the geographical outlines of the four sections located within the US.
  • The Annual Meeting would occur in October each year.
  • The national office (HQ) would be expanded into a full-time function.
  • Dues increase, to $20, was approved.


  • SRA was awarded a grant of $99,221 from the HEW Office of Grants Administration Policy for its proposal to test a pilot program of grantee management review. The project planned to have SRA members serving on teams to evaluate the management of research and project funds at a select number of institutions. It was hoped that a successful outcome would lead to a research management accreditation program. Unfortunately, during the Nixon administration this grant money was not forthcoming after all.
  • NSF awarded the Society a 37-month grant, of $18,400, for the Journal of Research Administration.


  • The name of the Distinguished Service Award was changed to the Hartford/Nicholsen Award in honor of the first two presidents of SRA.
  • The National Office became known officially as the Executive Secretariat.
  • The Journal changed its format from an 8.5 x 11 size to its present size.
  • The newsletter would become a monthly, rather than a bi-monthly, publication.
  • The IRS granted SRA its tax exempt status as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.


  • Members voted at the Annual Meeting to increase the dues to $25.
  • The Board of Advisors was established, comprised of seven members, six of whom were appointed for three-year staggered terms, with the seventh member being the sitting president of the Society.
  • The Journal started its Book Review section.


  • Membership topped the 1,000 mark, ending the year at 1,188.
  • The Canadian Section was formed with 60 research administrators attending the organizing meeting on March 6 in Toronto.
  • Two new categories of members were approved, Retired Members and Student Members.
  • SRA’s off ice was officially renamed the Executive Office.


  • SRA workshops began to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
  • Membership dues were increased to $30.
  • Membership information was maintained on computer tape with interest codes compiled into a database.


  • SRA celebrated its tenth anniversary with a membership now totaling 1,205.
  • The Executive Office was moved to Westwood, CA., adjacent to the UCLA campus.


  • The bylaws were changed to give institutional members the right to vote on Society business.
  • Proceedings of the Annual Meeting sessions were offered to the members at a cost of $7.50.


  • Members voted to increase dues to $40.
  • A salary survey was conducted which showed the median income for a male research administrator was $30,000 and female was $21,400.

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